We save waste from incineration and give it new life as sustainable building material

Composite packaging is great to store product in, but very difficult to recycle; only a small part of the packaging can be used to make new carton, the rest is incinerated. We recycle 100% of the packaging and create a sustainable construction material.

Our patented technology takes advantage of the properties a composite package provides and offers them to the construction sector. The process uses no water or any other additives, and generates no waste
We give new life to this material which otherwise would have been regarded as unnecessary waste. The raw material is dried, sterilized, shredded and pressed under high temperature.

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RECOMA's Solution

Traditional Recycling
Composite packaging are usually difficult to recycle completely, and a small portion of it ends up being recycled. Because of the aluminum- and plastic content, the paper can’t be used to make new cartons without first going through a separation process. This process uses large amounts of water and energy to separate the fibres in the carton from the other material. The amount of fibres that is still usable is used to make new paper. The rest, plastic and aluminum included, is incinerated in so-called energy recycling.
RECOMA uses these materials as well to make our boards even better; the plastic binds the pieces of carton and works as a waterproofing surface, while the reflective properties of the aluminum contribute to a higher insulation value in the board. This means that 100% of the waste in recycled in our process and no additives are needed. This also means that our product is made from 100% recycled material and is also 100% recyclable.
The Result
The result is a building material whose production does not require deforestation or mining of natural materials, no additives or chemicals, no water consumption, and no waste is generated. Only electricity is needed, and the raw material that would otherwise have gone to incineration is used to create our sustainable product. The sustainable option, quite simply.