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RECOMA gives new life to discarded waste and turns it into low-carbon, circular construction boards that can replace traditional boards without extra cost or effort.

RECOMA enables
sustainable construction

The construction industry generates as much emissions as all cars in Sweden (20% of total CO2 emissions) and a third of the country's waste. We offer a low-carbon, fully circular, alternative to traditional construction boards, making it easy to make a sustainable choice!

80-90% lower emissions
100% recycled packaging waste
Next-Gen Sustainable construction material made with patented technology
Similar or lower price tag than alternative boards
Green & Recycled
0 Waste, Water or Emissions.
100%  Recycled Material
100% Made In Sweden from local waste
Can be used in a variety of applications
Similar or better performance than the alternatives
No additives.
0 VOC's or Formaldehydes

Towards a Circular

We are a piece of the puzzle to promote the circular econonomy and material usage as well as decrease the amount of waste generated in the construction sector in the Nordics.
Therefor we want to offer a product that easily can replace traditional materials. It is used with the same screws, tools, methods and skills as with wooden boards. No adaptation is required!
Decreases CO2 emission
100% recycled
100% recyclable
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Greener, faster, stronger

RECOMAs board can replace most of the traditional construction boards and in some cases interior walls with two layers, since it's strong and stable, good for fastening screws and has a surface suitable for any treatment.
Thereby it works as an affordable replacement for OSB boards, plywood, particleboard, in combination with plasterboard.
Basic board
paper-faced surface layer
Design board
transparent surface layer

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Contributing to building a sustainable future

Our vision is to be a long-term supplier of environmentally friendly and cost effective construction materials and we are safe to both work with and work for.

The construction sector contributes to around a fifth of CO2 Emissions and a third of all Waste in Sweden, a majority of which comes from material production. Only a small percentage of material in construction projects is recycled. We saw a lot of room for improvement here, and we exist to contribute to building a more sustainable future.
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“The industry is facing a sustainability revolution and we are proud to contribute to the transition towards zero waste and zero emission building materials”
Max Rosenberg
Founder & CEO

We decrease the amount of waste and emissions from the construction industry and in society

Composite packaging have great barrier properties, but are difficult to recycle; only part of the packaging can become new paper, the rest is incinerated. We recycle 100% of the packaging and create a sustainable construction material.

We recycle around 4,000 tons of waste annually, which equals around 400,000 square meters of board
Each produced board saves around 30 kg of waste from incineration and over 30 kg of carbon equivalent emissions

Wall Systems

Recoma, together with Ekolution and their hemp insulation and Wood Tube with their paper studs  created "The Green Inner Wall", a  sustainable alternative to common wall systems.
The Recoma board has better sound insulation and fire resistance properties compared wooden boards in a wall system.
This means you can get the same benefits with fewer layers of gypsum on top and save both money on material, time for installation, CO2 emissions and also get some extra floor space!
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Winner of Nordbygg Gold Medal 2022 for most innovative product


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What People Say About Our Work

Together with RECOMA, we could see the sustainability throughout the project. It was not a solution we had tried, but definitely something to be reconsidered. It is always calming to work with others that are also sustainable and with a common goal in mind.
Johanne Skov Marcussen
We’re committed to a sustainable, circular economy that creates value for everyone, closing the loop on waste, preserving natural resources and reducing our impact on climate change. Pairing up with Recoma was the ideal solution as their core values as a company align with ours. The result was beautiful and attracted a lot of attention. We will definitely be purchasing more from Recoma for future builds.
Becky Bridgeman
Design manager, Tarkett
I’m rarely impressed with, or inspired by, what’s going on in the construction industry. That’s why I’m so excited about Recoma! The exception to the rule. Recoma has the rare potential to really change the industry, while also be truly sustainable - economically, environmentally, and socially. It ticks all the boxes!
Samuel Holmström
CEO, Lundqvist Trävaru
We used the boards for renovation of ceiling, walls and floors. Delivery and contact with Recoma was 100%! Very satisfied.
Tonny Ulriksen

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