Wall Systems


The Green Inner Wall

Recoma, together with Ekolution and their hemp insulation and Wood Tube with their paper studs  created "The Green Inner Wall", a  sustainable alternative to common wall systems.
Recoma's construction board has better sound insulation and fire resistance properties compared wooden boards in a wall system.
This means you can get the same benefits with fewer layers of gypsum on top and save both money on material, time for installation, CO2 emissions and also get some extra floor space!


Below you can see a comparison between the Green Wall and a standard wall.

We have two types of walls on display.
First we have a wall with the fire rating EI60 and the sound rating Rw44.
For the Green Wall only one layer of gypsum is needed, wheras the standard wall needs two layers of gypsum to reach the same ratings.

Second we have a wall with the fire rating EI120 and sound rating Rw48. The Green Wall needs two layers of gypsum while the standard wall needs three layers of gypsum to reach the same ratings.

Both Recoma's boards, Ekolution's insulation and WoodTube's studs has superior properties regarding their climate impact.
If you for some reason only want to use Recoma's boards and use standard products for the rest of the wall, you can do so and still get the same ratings at an even lower price, but of course not quite as low carbon emissions.